My Randumb Lief

May 8, 2007, 4:50 am
Filed under: cool videos

I’m not so sure I’m liking word press. I hear from everyone that it’s a really neat blogging system… I’m not so impressed. For one, everything is really disorganized. It took me the first 5 minutes to figure everything out. If I’M forced to make designs that even monkeys could use, god-damn it so should you. Secondly, I have been trying to post a video from using object and embed tags for about 20 minutes finally realizing that it’s NOT their shitty html editor, which I’ll get into in a minute, but the fact that they only support three of the 5 billion websites out there that handle video. Come on, one of the reasons I got out of myspace years ago was because of the lack of things you can do. Myspace doesn’t even support css COLORS properly in firefox because of the stupid # mark being disabled… WTF? *deep breath* At least myspace supports videos from wherever (or at least they did when I stopped using them). Thirdly, I am deeply offended that the visual editor AND the code editor lose tabulation. I kept posting my code OVER and OVER thinking I must of become retarded in the last few minutes, obviously I wouldn’t know right? Maybe I’m just hallucinating? Then I thought, no because I also want to kill, not dance around on clouds singing show tunes. I thought fine, I’ll just use pre tags, thats what they’re for. Nope. Oh, heres a ‘code’ button all nice and neat on the tool bar, surely it will do what I want right? It IS a code button? The code tag IS pretty similar to pre.. Nope. MOTHER BITCH! I tried spaces instead of tabs. I tried using  … Nope. After about 20 minutes of getting pissed off I just posted the damn script as one long pleth blob. And why is it that after each edit, most custom html formatting is removed? Why cant their end handle it?? Try typing “ ” to spell out   in your code editor. Save it, now edit it again. GONE! I believe someone needs to look into htmlentities…


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