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Virtual PDF Printer Sucks Balls
May 8, 2007, 6:48 pm
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I work at a Print Shop and we get lots of customers trying to send us Publisher or Word files. PrimoPDF has always been good to us, however we were looking for a newer solutions. While creating a PDF in Photoshop is easy and native, it’s not so fun in other programs such as Office. While Adobe PDF does an excellent job for those that have purchased Acrobat Professional, a free alternative is needed. Today I downloaded Virtual PDF Printer available from PrimoPDF, according to some of our clients, is ‘too hard to use.’ I think this is nonsense, but I’m not a monkey, so I don’t really know how they think.

Virtual PDF Printer serves as a real printer to convert anything printable to PDF. The printer is a high quality PDF generator with high printing resolution, PDF document information creation, PDF content encryption with passwords protection, PDF access control, PDF scaling, PDF version and compatibility control, font embedding options and more.” This is what is on Go2PDF’s website. Basically, they will convert anything printable to PDF, and it will be high quality. Right?

In Photoshop, I loaded up a back to a business card I had been working on just to test the output. It’s a 450dpi eps converted to a PDF using Virtual PDF Printer. Shouldn’t be too hard, and eps is damn-close-native to the printer drivers.

Dont use Go2PDF

The top image is the original, the bottom image was converted to a PDF with Virtual PDF Printer and opened back into Photoshop. Identical.

So, If you are looking for a great PDF fucker-upper:

If you’re looking for a PDF converter that actually WORKS:


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