My Randumb Lief


My Randumb Lief – Powered by squirrels
Powered by squirrels

My name is Charlie. I’m a coder by day, and a more productive coder by night.

I love creating web applications, PHP is my language of choice. Occasionally, I make Visual Basic applications that communicate with my PHP server for special projects such as notification windows. I enjoy Perl and C++, but I’m not very good with them. I speak CSS and XHTML1 fluently and actually like making sites browser compliant. I dont do too bad of a job when it comes to design, altho I have to be in a mood to create and have lots of ideas. I can recreate almost anything I see, from code to design work. I have reverse engineered the HTTP, FTP and IRC protocols even though documentation is available for them online. Using this knowledge I have written simple HTTP, FTP and IRC servers for my own internal understandings. I love writing transparent proxy applications. I’m currently working on my own compiler and find bizarre languages such as MOO very cool.

I love Family Guy. I love every single episode. Nehehehehe.

lolcats. If you don’t love i can has cheezburger, you are a Nazi.


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