My Randumb Lief

EF DE 07 A3 C0 BF 79 F6 AF CB EA 60 87 E0 1C D9
May 8, 2007, 7:59 am
Filed under: Randomness

I thought this was pretty interesting. Since the well-known HD-DVD key has been posted all over the place, has provided each of us with as many unique keys we could possibly want! Whats the actual HD-DVD key you say? Yeah ok, Google it, its around… (Shit. Did I just violate the DMCA by giving people instructions to..? Ah you know what, fuck it.)

Here’s what they do: First, they generate a random number. Then they encrypt a copyrighted haiku with the generated key. Viola! Your key, is served. “Huh” you say? All this work ‘technically’ makes it a “circumvention device capable of decrypting the haiku without your permission” according to Freedom to Tinker’s website. Yee! So with that, I got two of em. Why not right? My new babies: EF DE 07 A3 C0 BF 79 F6 AF CB EA 60 87 E0 1C D9 and 98 5D 2E 07 B3 79 65 1C 19 88 A2 D3 0E B7 08 CB. Aren’t they cute?!?! Now, if I catch ANY of these on ANYONES site I’m gonna C&D your blog, bitches!

Wanna get your own key?